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At the heart of Newham lie West Ham, Plaistow and Green Street. Regeneration in this area has been very much community based, with a focus on using those resources of the area already in place to improve itself. Consequently the area has a vibe to it that is uniquely Newham, and the regeneration programmes and projects that are taking place reflect this.

West Ham, Plaistow and Green Street have seen many changes over the last 60 years. They area as a whole suffered from extensive bombing during the Second World War. Approximately 16,000 homes were destroyed along with many places of business. The area was never quite the same again with much of the heavy industry that was based in the area leaving forever. The people of the area changed after the War. The lack of housing encouraged many to leave the area for good. At the same time Britain received thousands of immigrants from former British Colonies, many of whom decided to settle in West Ham, Plaistow, Green Street and Newham generally.

Along with the rest of Newham, West Ham, Plaistow and Green Street continued to suffer from social deprivation and various social problems throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The regeneration projects of the 80s focused on the Docklands, so it was not until the 1990s that people began to seriously look at the rest of the Borough.

Since then there have been various efforts to tackle unemployment, encourage new businesses and people to the area, improve the general look of the area, and tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. This has been done under the leadership of the community itself.

This process is ongoing, from the continuing success story that is Green Street to the recent introduction of the Respect Campaign to Plaistow. These areas are at the heart of Newham, and at their heart lies the community.

Green StreetGreen StreetBack to top

One of Newham's Showcase areas, Green Street is a unique and exciting shopping district, with over 400 independent shops.

Green Street

New Deal for CommunitiesNew Deal for CommunitiesBack to top

New Deal for Communities (NDC) is a Government programme set up to tackle the problems of social deprivation; including unemployment, social exclusion and crime.

New Deal for Communities

West Ham Football ClubWest Ham Football ClubBack to top

A part of Newham since 1895, the world famous West Ham Football Club not only provides employment for local people, but also plays an important role in the community.

West Ham Football Club

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